Pathfinder Club


We are the San Fernando Valley Filipino Pathfinder Club, and although we are small in number, we are great in spirit as we spread the good news of Jesus Christ through our words and works. Our current club for this Pathfinder year is minuscule compared to most, but God has declared that even when only two gather in HIs name, they shall be blessed by the Lord. Our hope is to keep growing and keep learning in the fear of the Lord, for it is the beginning of wisdom, and to have opportunities to share God's love with every life we touch. Join us as we continue His legacy in the youth of the church.




Every Month

Meetings are from

2:30 pm - 5:00 pm


1st Sabbath

Type A - Counselor Class

2nd Sabbath

Type B - Honors Class

3rd Sabbath

Type C - Activity

4th Sabbath

Type C - AY Program

5th Sabbath*

Type C - meet with your counselor if he/she requests an emergency meeting


Refer to Calendar for any exceptions to this schedule.

*There is not always a fifth Sabbath each month